The dairy business is big business across Canada and the United States. Driven by consumer demands for high quality, yet affordable cheese and milk products, the role of the family farm is being challenged by commercial farms with the ability to deliver high volumes out of structured and progressive facilities. For providers of artificial insemination products, understanding the economics of supplying championship animals alongside hearty, milk-producing herds is critical. An 18-month research project involved quantifying the size of the market, segmenting more than 7,500 dairy operations, identifying the shifts in market trends, provided the basis for significant supply strategies for this Canadian based "stud farm".

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Identifying the Right Market Intel Source

After combining two sand control companies into a single entity, the new CEO realized in order to leverage the synergies outlined in the original deal, he would have to pull together the talents and focus of his  leadership team. An in-house Ryan-Jones "champion" suggested that by calling us in he would be accessing a team with strategy tools and mapping processes that had worked for one of the most successful oil & gas supply companies in the world. A series of executive interviews, a two-day off-site meeting, and a single follow-up session resulted in a the team creating its core values, its vision, mission, key objectives, functional action plans and KPIs.

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Bio-Genetics Firm Targets it Markets

Case History

Legacy Competitors Adopt a new Brand

When private equity companies acquire assets to build new entities they often combine  companies with competitive histories. In an effort to pull together four newly acquired companies under a single new brand, a Calgary/Houston based PE firm secured the resources of Ryan Communications to develop a new logo and branding program to clarifying legacy brand values and build new messaging programs to leverage the "stronger together" theme of the merger. The success of communications program depended on the development of both internal  and external plans and collateral.

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Alternative Fuels Leader Promotes Potential


At the Table...with the the Field.



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New Executive Team Charts its Course