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I started my career as a writer.


My first real job out of college was at the High River Times, a highly respected weekly newspaper in Alberta. I put myself through university as a freelance writer and eventually specialized in covering business stories. The best part of writing for a living – aside from the very first time you show your byline to your parents – is the people you meet and the stories they share.


I promised myself if I ever had the opportunity to write again, I would grab it – and so this is my “back to my roots” page. This is where I get to write and feature stories about the many amazing people I have been privileged to work with over the span of my career. I also have an opinion or two I might like to share.


This first story was written by Cal Hastings. I met Cal when his company, Caldon, joined NuFlo Measurement Systems. It became brilliantly clear, from very early on, that Cal was a visionary, an entrepreneur and a true gentleman.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to call Cal a mentor and friend. I asked Cal to share a story he told the International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement on what it takes to build a successful business…enjoy!

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